Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Day in the Life!

As promised, I remembered to take some pictures the other day to help capture a day in the life of LGO.

My previous job I was usually in the office at 9am...getting up this early is something I'm still getting used to!

Getting dressed. As an undergrad, we used to make fun of the MBAs for getting all dressed up for class (of course MIT undergrads are not exactly known for being the best dressers...). I never had to dress up for work, so my wardrobe is still pretty casual.

Biked to school. Cambridge has improved a lot with the bike infrastructure, all the roads on my commute to school has bike lanes. There are even bike traffic jams sometimes, with like of 5 or 6 bikes waiting at lights. 

Some folks hanging out in the LGO lounge before class.

First class of the day is Operations Management. It was an interesting class on revenue and yield management -- how companies, like airlines or hotels, price rooms/seats for different classes (budget vs business). I always like the more quantitative side of business. 

Second class is a double session Organizational Leadership and Change. It was a really engaging discussing about business ethics after we watched The Inside Job the day before and the pros and cons of the MBA Oath. The best part though, was watching a Daily Show clip about the MBA Oath, featuring some MIT Sloanies! 

Then we had a free lunch sponsored by Sloan at the Clover Food Truck for the summer students (besides LGO, the Sloan Fellows, Masters of Finance, PhDs, and startup incubator Beehive Cooperative are all around during the summer). The line was so long though!

After lunch, my summer team meets to work on one of our final projects, a bus route optimization for Systems Optimization. It sounds simple, but there is a ton of data--the middle school we are using as our sample has 30 buses and almost 200 bus stops.

We had a few questions about how to move forward, so we emailed our professor, who was able to meet with us that afternoon. Our professor, Itai Ashlagi, is pretty awesome--he has actually been in the news lately for his work on designing kidney exchanges. I've been super impressed with how accessible the professors this summer have been.

Back at home, I do some statistics homework while watching Olympics coverage. Not the most efficient studying method, but I love the Olympics!

And a few other pictures from this week I figured worth sharing...
LGOs hanging out at the Muddy Charles Pub after class on Monday. The Muddy is a student run pub on campus close to Sloan, and one of our favorite hangout spots. Our Lean Tools professor organized the event to help facilitate further discussion about presentations some of our classmates gave about how they've implemented certain lean principles in their previous jobs. She even provided the beer!

We took a trip to UTC Kidde Fenwal, which makes stuff like fire extinguishers and fire detection. On the way back, some folks were working out some practice problems on the bus ride back. I thought this picture would show the collaboration of folks in the class.


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  2. Nice blog about MIT experience! I am from the Philippines. I am applying for Fall 2013. I am not sure whether to apply to MIT or Chicago Booth. What is the advantage of getting your MBA degree in MIT than in Chicago Booth? Can you convince me to choose MIT over Booth?

  3. Hi Rex,
    I can't speak about Booth (I didn't apply there myself), but I can tell you about MIT. I am part of the Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program that is part of MIT Sloan, which is a dual degree program for both an MBA and MS in engineering focused on operations management. If you are interested in that, check out It is a great opportunity to get both an engineering and business degree in two years, and MIT is tops in operations. I also chose Sloan because of its strength in innovation and entrepreneurship, which is important to me personally. I definitely believe there is no such thing as a "best" school, it really depends on what you are looking for.

  4. Thank you! By the way, are you from what country? You look like an Asian MBA student.

  5. Hi Nicola,
    I am presently working as a Scientist in the Indian Space Research Organization. I have been seriously considering giving LGO a shot, given the relevance of the programme to my career goals. I would like to know if there are any Indians in your class. The LGO brochure says that preference is given to applicants from countries where the LGO partners have their facilities. As far as I know, none of the aerospace partners of LGO have large facilities in India.

  6. Rex - My parents are actually from the Philippines, but I was born and raised in the US.

    ultimix- there are no Indian nationals in our class, but there are 5 international students. Unfortunately, I don't know much about the international student admissions policies, but if you have specific questions, I'd recommend that you contact the admissions department ( Good luck!